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Accuracy in Historical Fiction

I began my publishing career in the Regency romance sub-genre. Now, a lot of folks don’t know what the regency period is, and for those who don’t, strictly speaking it is the English historical period between 1811 and 1820, during which the man who would become George IV of England held the regency, or in other words, had nominal control while his father, George III, was off his nut. That is a very brief historical period, considering most named periods (Georgian, colonial, etc.) span at least more than one decade.

But that’s beside the point; my point is, Continue reading


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What use are roses?

Some people save everything, some people save nothing, and there are some people in between who ‘collect’ things. I would say I’m a collector, mostly. I have china cat figurines, old books, vintage kitchen stuff, and assorted other oddities. But I save ‘junk’, too. I have Continue reading

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Underwear Flapping in the Breeze

So, what is your position on underwear?

Does the mere presence of panties on a clothesline give you palpitations? Does a thong thrill you or chill you?

This line of thought (ahem!) came up when Continue reading

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Writing and Blogging.

I think a lot of writers would agree that finding things to do other than write is just too easy. Since I work at home, this is all too true.

For instance, I could: Continue reading

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