Writing and Blogging.

I think a lot of writers would agree that finding things to do other than write is just too easy. Since I work at home, this is all too true.

For instance, I could:

1 – Tidy my desk – well, okay, I could, but I don’t.

2 – Clean the cat litter box – now that is just self-preservation. Really.

3 – Make coffee – professional necessity.

4 – Do dishes – also a necessity, or you run out of coffee cups. See #3

5 – Chat on the phone – Okay, not me, but some people would.

6 – Surf the ‘net – Now we’re talking… news of the day, reviews, other peoples blogs…

7 – E-mail… too much. Scathing attacks on reviewers, (See #6) pleading letters to one’s agent, mournful complaints to busy friends… you get the picture.

And now…

8 – Blogging! As if I needed yet another thing to keep me away from writing.

Okay, all right, back to work.

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