Underwear Flapping in the Breeze

So, what is your position on underwear?

Does the mere presence of panties on a clothesline give you palpitations? Does a thong thrill you or chill you?

This line of thought (ahem!) came up when I was hanging laundry on the line in my distinctly urban but very private backyard, and I remembered a news item (http://www.yorkregion.com/News/article/26414 – among many others) about subdivisions now being built that have regulations against clotheslines. Folks can’t even have the harmless collapsing umbrella type. And this has apparently spread to whole cities and towns.

Gimme a break! In this world where we are being urged to save hydro – I lost my power in the great blackout of 2003 – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2003_North_America_blackout – it is inconceivable that municipalities are banning people from hanging their laundry out on a line to let Ma Nature do her best work! Are we raising a whole generation that thinks there is only one way to dry clothes… in a dryer? Does anyone else remember what clothes dried outside smell like… sunshine and grass and fresh air?

However… it did make me wonder about the undies thing. Some folks, even if they do hang out the wash, would not dream of hanging ‘unmentionables’ on the line. What is your position on underwear? I figure as long as it isn’t stained, torn or scandalous (!) I say, let it flap in the breeze before you stick it where the sun don’t shine… your underwear drawer.

But that’s just me.

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