Some of you may have noticed in my Blogroll a link called Book Crossing. If you don’t know what it is, BookCrossing is a unique website/activity/club/pastime involving folks from around the world. I became involved when I received a book from an online trading club with a BookCrossing registration in it.

What does that mean and what is BookCrossing about? Well, individual books are registered with BookCrossing by those of us who belong, and wherever that book goes, if those who find or trade the book log on and input the registration number of the book, they can find out where it has been (if people have faithfully journaled its travels) and they can add their own journal notes including where they found, bought or traded the title, what they think, and what is now happening to the book, whether it becomes a part of their permanent collection, or moves on to someone else.

I just received a note from a fellow Canadian (see my ‘About’ page for the question about my ‘Canadianness’ and my answer) with the info that one of my novels (Awaiting the Moon) has been ‘released’ as a part of a Canada Day challenge. I’m so proud and thrilled!

For those of you who may be curious, check out BookCrossing and consider getting involved. You can be fairly passive, (like I am) and journal books you release in some way or another (a controlled release is a loan or trade of a book, while a ‘wild’ release is a unique and wonderful event… check it out to find out how to release a book into the wild!) or you can become more involved – no matter where you are from, for the phenomenon of BookCrossing is worldwide – and do challenges, etc. For bibliophiles, it is a fun and rewarding pastime.


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