My dirty little secret is…

Reality TV.

There, I’ve admitted it. I watch Big Brother, I get excited when the new ‘Survivor’ (what are we on… Survivor 127?) is advertised, and I’m seriously addicted to anything on BBC… Escape To The Country, Everything Must Go, Bargain Hunt, City Gardener et al. Ditto HGTV Canada… love the Junk Brothers and too many others.

But Masterpiece Theatre it ain’t. And I don’t expect it to be. What I do hope for is a little fun, maybe some mild instruction (tho’ if you’ve ever seen the Junk Brothers, you will probably be as stymied as I was; I don’t think I will ever ever turn an old treddle sewing machine into theatre-style popcorn machine!) and some entertainment. But then I don’t watch stuff like Flava of Love (?) or Britney’s ‘Chaotic’.

So I was bemused (bewildered) when Yahoo News breathlessly repeats the worst the New York Daily Post had to say about Victoria Beckham’s new reality show, (missed it… oh, gosh darn! 😉 ) that it was an ‘orgy of self-indulgence’ and that VB was ‘vapid and condescending’.

No, really? You expected, maybe, Virginia Woolf? The-artist-formerly-known-as-Posh is no doubt just laying claim to her share of fame and is emulating those sorceresses of the airwaves, Paris and Britney. Hey, it worked for them since all they want is someone – anyone – to pay attention to their teeniest-tiniest thought… and they’re all minuscule, even smaller than their dogs.

But outrage? That implies that anyone expected more.

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