I have a headache. It’s called promotion.

Holy crapola, Batman, is the worldweirdweb a confusing place.

I’m doing some promo for my September release, and getting stuff ready for my media liaison (my title, I don’t know what else to call her) at Berkley. So I go looking for promotional opportunities, and where in the past, they were extremely limited, now the explosion has resulted in little fragments of my gray matter everywhere. Meaning; I’m confused, and it’s terminal.

Okay, so some people I know say that’s nothing new, but they’re just being catty. (Not doggy?) I’m really very organized and some would say – probably those same people, and why won’t they shut up? oh wait… maybe they’re only in my head – that I’m anal about lists and stuff.

But the problem is not only knowing where to start, but, what’s more difficult, where to stop? How do I know how much is enough? Or too much? How many blogs? How many lists, and websites and chats and… argh, my head just exploded. That’s what I mean, gray matter all over the keyboard and who’s going to clean it up? Hello, Molly Maids? Do you have anyone who would be willing to clean a computer keyboard with brain tissue all in the keys… damn. They hung up.

I think I’ll go out and water the garden and let the cats cavort for a few minutes.

And drink coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.


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