I’ve heard some chat on the ‘net about criticism of those who buy their books second hand at the Used Book Store, or UBS.

It’s true that authors don’t get royalties when you buy a book at the used book store, but Ford doesn’t get a cut when you buy an Escort secondhand either, and it’s okay. Really! No reader should worry about buying used books. I am all for reading… obviously. I’m a writer. It happens to be how I make my living, too, and it’s not always easy.

But truthfully, if I had to choose between someone buying my book secondhand, or not buying it at all, of course I’d rather they read it, period! So don’t sweat it, and don’t feel apologetic.

I’m going to come right out and say this; I trade books among friends and online. I buy at charity tables, UBS’s, and thrift shops. And sometimes I buy new. When I buy new, I can guarantee you I’ve read that person’s work before in the pages of a secondhand book, and loved them so much I went out and bought their next book new.

And that’s why I’d LOVE you to buy my books second hand. Read me any way you like, just read me!

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