Blogged down.

Is it just me? Am I the only one finding reading blogs to be time-consuming, addictive and far too fascinating? It’s second only to Wiki Walking as a serious internet problem, for me, taking too much time out of actual writing. Though I start the day with the best of intentions, and only go on the internet to actually do research (And no, I’m not talking about tracking down just what song is playing behind the new Fruity Cheerio ads… though that is Donovan’s ‘Happiness Runs’, apparently.), I end up off track, and before I know it, I’m looking up Joni Mitchell lyrics and obscure references from other peoples blogs!

I suppose it’s self-defeating to be talking about blog addiction in a blog (Is it irony? Not sure… irony is one of those elusive literary techniques much more difficult to define than allegory, analogy or metaphor!), but where else can I ask the question?

So, is blogging or reading blogs bogging you down?


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