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Fall, and a great blog about Awaiting the Moon!

Gosh, it is such a beautiful day! Autumn is proving to be lovely, this year, though the colour has just started. But the air is crisp, the sky is blue, and I don’t have to cook dinner today. Good enough reason to celebrate, and I have a bottle of Strawberry Zinfandel.

Oh, and BTW, here’s a great blog entry about my first Awaiting book, Awaiting the Moon!!

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It’s Friday, and I’ve spent another week writing and doing promotion, and next week I’ll have a nice tidbit to tell you all, about a website that will be making my September release ‘Awaiting the Fire‘ their pick of the day soon. Yay! Also, I am going to be revamping and extending the deadline for the contest I have listed here for that very reason.

So to wrap up the week, I thought I’d just talk a bit about something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Continue reading

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Dancing With The Stars Results

Well, this time I was right; Josie Maran went home on Dancing With The Stars, and I really felt sorry for the poor kid. She looked so downhearted, and didn’t even take the opportunity to rag on the judges when Tom Bergeron gave her the chance.

What I thought was tacky – besides Dolly Parton’s outfit – was the way Josie’s dance partner tried to give his votes to Cameron Mathison. You cannot bequest your votes after you’re kicked off! It doesn’t work that way!

Tonight: Survivor… but it clashes with Ugly Betty, and Betty is going to win this smackdown.

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Dancing with the Stars – Part 2

So, last night was Men’s Night.

Who took part:

Helio Castroneves – 2-time Indy500 champ; Brazilian.

Wayne Newton – King of Las Vegas and singer of Danke Schoen

Albert Reed – Model? I guess?

Floyd Mayweather – Champion Boxer

Mark Cuban – dotcom billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

Cameron Mathison – soap actor?

Who I was most impressed with: Helio Castroneves!! Continue reading

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Woo-Hoo… Dancing with the Stars

The first night was Ladies Night, and, as Kool would say, the feeling was definitely right!

Who took part:

Sabrina Bryan – Cheetah Girl (Disney Pop Girl Group)

Melanie Brown – aka ‘Scary’ Spice… and mother of Eddie Murphy’s child!

Marie Osmond – One of the Osmond clan, and best know for the Donny & Marie Show… ‘Nuff said

Jennie Garth – of ‘90210’ fame.

Josie Maran – Sports Illustrated Model.

Jane Seymour – Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Who I was most impressed with: Little Sabrina Bryan blew me away!!! Continue reading

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I’m at Romancing the Blog!

Just a quick entry… I wasn’t expecting it, but Romancing the Blog used an ‘Open Blog Night’ I wrote!! yay.

Check them out and read my entry, ‘Trend-Hopping’ or ‘Why I write about wolfy men.”

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Fall is here… almost.

I can’t imagine living anywhere that didn’t have four distinct seasons. Winter is lovely, and a period of rest for nature; I get a LOT of writing done in winter. Spring always adds a zip to my step; gardening is exciting and exhausting, the air is fresh, and I make all kind of plans… some of which never come to fruition. Summer is the season of good times and friends, hanging out, parties and swimming and sunshine.

But I think I love autumn best. Continue reading

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