Weekly Wrap-Up

Hello, all! I thought that I would try, on Fridays, to tie up any and/or all news, notes or other things of interest that have happened in my world, or the world of publishing/romance at large.

I’m finding blogging fun, I must say, probably because I’m extremely opinionated and so this way I get to spout off without risk of boring folks; if you’re bored you’ll just click away! I am peeved (massive understatement) about how things have gone in Reality TV world this week, mainly Big Brother 8, so I’m not even going to go there. However, Survivor China starts next week, and Dancing With the Stars soon, too.

Awaiting the Fire is doing great! Four Stars from Romantic Times, and some other great reviews I’ll post soon.

What I’ve been doing for a lot of this week is trying to figure out MySpace, and I think I’ll be bald soon, because I’ll have torn out every shred of my admittedly thick hair. Grrrr! I’m no dummy; I’ve done a little (very little) html coding, I’ve designed web pages, caught on to blogging with no problem, etectera, but MySpace defeats me! I made the huge mistake of signing up for one of those ‘commercial’ layout sites, hated their page layout – in my opinion, they are way too flashy, gunky, complicated and just plain fugly – but now I can’t get rid of their advertising! Ack!!

That’s okay, I’ve got someone working on the problem, someone who is a whole lot better than I am at html coding etcetera. Hopefully it will be fixed and beaoootiful at some point. I’ll let you know when it’s fit for a viewing.

Also in my writing world this week:

I’ve been trying a few advertising venues lately, just to see what works and what doesn’t. The way I find out is via my ‘addfreestats’ tracker. So far, of the few venues I’ve used, the one that is absolutely the best, by far is… none of them, actually! What brings most folks to my website ( http://donnaleasimpson.tripod.com) seems to be search engines with my full name input! That’s cool; you’re out there looking for me! Hi, hello there! I’m very friendly, and I really hope you’ve enjoyed my book, if that’s how you found me.

However, running a close second is the ad space I bought on RomancingTheBlog! Lots of click-thrus from that!

Of interest: I’ve had some visits from folks as far away Thailand, Singapore, Estonia and of course, Australia. But what blew me away was one from NASA. Or someone at NASA. Cool. that was the ISP address of one visit, anyway.

Also: Berkley has posted – finally – a Dear Reader letter I wrote about Awaiting the Fire. If you want to know how the book got to be what it is, click here: Dear Reader
So, that’s it for now. Thanks to all of you who read my blog, and thanks even more to those who have commented, and lots of cookies and big shiny stars to you!

So bye for now! I’ll be back, but probably not before next week, because I intend to have a relaxing, fun weekend and drink about a bottle of Strawberry Zinfandel.


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