Woo-Hoo… Dancing with the Stars

The first night was Ladies Night, and, as Kool would say, the feeling was definitely right!

Who took part:

Sabrina Bryan – Cheetah Girl (Disney Pop Girl Group)

Melanie Brown – aka ‘Scary’ Spice… and mother of Eddie Murphy’s child!

Marie Osmond – One of the Osmond clan, and best know for the Donny & Marie Show… ‘Nuff said

Jennie Garth – of ‘90210’ fame.

Josie Maran – Sports Illustrated Model.

Jane Seymour – Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Who I was most impressed with: Little Sabrina Bryan blew me away!!! I was so impressed with her cha-cha, especially compared to Josie Maran’s dispirited turn in the spotlight.

Who I was least impressed with: Josie who? Remember how Petra Nemcova got booted quickly last season? I predict the same end for this girl.

Who I’m rooting for: Yikes… all the rest of the ladies, for different reasons. I so would like a woman to win this year, for one thing, and I think Sabrina – if she keeps it up, tho’ we’ll see when she has to do Ballroom rather than Latin – has a good shot. Marie I have a soft spot for, not sure why, Jennie Garth impressed me as soft-spoken and sincere, and Jane Seymour… so beautiful and so very graceful.

Tonight, it’s the men, and… yuck!!! Wayne Newton… I’m sorry. Can’t see it. Mark Cuban? Ditto. Floyd Mayweather looks interesting, but I don’t know what to expect from the rest, so I’m reserving judgment.

What I was pleased to see: the judges, Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli! Love Bruno.

And The Bachelor also debuted, but really… haven’t they all memorized the same speech? Looking for a wife, blah, blah blah, soulmate, blah blah blah, I’m so sincere… yawn. Bring on the catfights. The funniest part of the show was the girl who lost one boob – it was lying on the marble floor and another girl found it, so the boob-loser just popped the other one out with admirable insouciance, I thought – and the girl who kept slurring at The Bach because she’d had just a tad too much bubbly.

On with the Reality Season!!

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