Dancing with the Stars – Part 2

So, last night was Men’s Night.

Who took part:

Helio Castroneves – 2-time Indy500 champ; Brazilian.

Wayne Newton – King of Las Vegas and singer of Danke Schoen

Albert Reed – Model? I guess?

Floyd Mayweather – Champion Boxer

Mark Cuban – dotcom billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

Cameron Mathison – soap actor?

Who I was most impressed with: Helio Castroneves!! I was truly very very impressed with this guy. He was much more self-effacing, for one thing, than I expected, and much better as a dancer! Of course, I think he lucked out in getting Julianne Hough as a partner, because she is fabulous, both as a dancer, but also, as the judges pointed out – even sourpuss Len, who seems to have had a personality transplant – one terrific choreographer. Bravo!

Who I was least impressed with: Well, really… Wayne Newton. I think it is a crime against nature that he got better marks than Floyd Mayweather, who, if not polished, at least was fluid and had rhythmn. Mr. Newton had so little natural movement it looked like he was wearing a girdle… or a body-cast.

Who I’m rooting for: Hmm… well, at this moment, Helio, if it has to be one of the guys.

Again, the biggest rip-off of the night was Wayne Newton doing better than Floyd Mayweather – the boxer really impressed me with his speed, if not his finesse, but really, the guy has got to settle down! – and was due solely to Len’s out-of-character kowtowing to Mr. Lack-of-Personality. Newton is an example of how Las Vegas ruins perfectly good performers. I expected better of Len, everyone’s favorite vinegar-puss.

But seriously… I felt bad for Floyd. He was making such an attempt at the end to put on a ‘happy face’ when he was voted worst. If he survives tonight, Karina will likely have a tough week with him, because I don’t imagine he takes well to losing.

And lastly… what was up with everyone going ga-ga over Albert Reed? He was all flash and less substance. I’m not saying he was bad, but he was not as good as everyone pretended.

And so, tonight, the boot.

My prediction: Josie Maran.

Why: No audience familiarity. Albert Reed is a possibility for that very reason, but I think female fans will keep him around for a couple of weeks.

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