It’s Friday, and I’ve spent another week writing and doing promotion, and next week I’ll have a nice tidbit to tell you all, about a website that will be making my September release ‘Awaiting the Fire‘ their pick of the day soon. Yay! Also, I am going to be revamping and extending the deadline for the contest I have listed here for that very reason.

So to wrap up the week, I thought I’d just talk a bit about something I’ve been thinking about for a long time.

We are such an achievement-oriented society. We like to view things in manageable chunks, so that as we accomplish each goal we can put it behind us and say, “Ah, I’ve finished that,” and move on.

But most of life really doesn’t work that way, does it? I can write a book, finish it, and put it out there to sink or swim, but when it comes to my career as an author, it’s something I work on a little every day, and will never get to say it’s perfected. It is an ongoing thing. Likewise, decorating your house is never ‘done’, because that style you like so much today will change in a few years, and you – hopefully – will redecorate when your style evolves. Otherwise you’ll be stuck in one of those ‘time-warp’ houses where you can tell when the owner last had an original thought. For some people that was back in the seventies.

But more important things are the same. Relationships never are and never should be ‘accomplished’. You may get more comfortable in a friendship or as a couple, but you’ve never done all that needs to be done and can just lay back. It’s an evolving thing… it requires thought, and reflection, and yes, work. Our own character is the same; re-examination of ourselves is a necessity. Have your values or beliefs changed? Maybe not, but they’ve evolved, haven’t they? No one can exist in this world without occasionally changing how they see things. The beliefs you had twenty years ago are no more appropriate to hold now than it would be to keep wearing the jacket or blouse you wore then.

I hear people make remarks that are prejudiced in some way – racist, misogynistic, homophobic – and it just seems that they no longer even think about what they’re saying, they just say it. They thought it once, said it, and now repeat it in every situation that seems appropriate to them. And the scary thing is, these folks pass the exact same opinions down to their children and any other easily influenced person with whom they are in contact. I get so tired of hearing the same dumb remarks out of the same dumb mouths from people who just stopped thinking some time in the mesozoic era.

The world keeps turning and things keep changing. So why shouldn’t we? Age is no excuse. I don’t think you’re any less capable at forty or fifty or sixty of thinking critically than when you were twenty, and if anything, with more life experience, you should be MORE deeply reflective, able to dig deeper and be more empathetic and thoughtful. Not less.

Never less.

So… keep the faith and think of peace. I hope world peace is an achievable goal, but if we ever get there, it will be one of those achievements that require constant monitoring and work to maintain. Some great humanitarians work toward it, but a lot of things will be required of humanity along the way; eradicating prejudice and anger, vengeance and hatred has to be a priority, but folks have to be willing to dig deep and think! Really think, honestly and with humility.

My personal challenge is to examine my own thoughts every day to be sure I still have the honour of an open mind, and an open heart. I think that any belief worth holding must be worth challenging, so that if the time ever comes to defend it, you will not only be able to, but you’ll know why you should.

I’m climbing down off my soapbox now.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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