Dancing with the Stars

Well! I was genuinely surprised to see Albert Reed go, not because he didn’t deserve to – it was only a matter of time – but because I thought the female fans would keep him around. I didn’t get his ‘allure’, but as he’s a model, I assume he must have some.

So… Wayne got a pass again, and can woodenly try his hand (no other part of his body is really involved in his dancing) at whatever dance is next. I know, I know, it may be a dance show, but it’s also a ‘Stars’ show, but since he doesn’t – in my humble opinion – qualify on either front… ah, well. Maybe next week.

On another note, though, I was SO sorry to hear about Jane Seymour’s mother passing away. I feel deeply for her, and hope she’s doing well.

Off topic, I think I’m going to be extremely busy for the next few weeks, and so my blog entries will become even more sporadic than they already are. But I will have stuff to say, I promise… or threaten.

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