Just when you think you’re the only one…

I have long mourned the loss of the original Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo. For those who don’t know, it had the most incredible scent; truly herbal, not fruity or floral.

So for a kick, I went online and input ‘original Herbal Essence scent shampoo’, and found… lots of others feel the same way! First I found a soap maker who has tried and tested a lot of combinations and found a scent that he/she has made into an essence you can purchase to add to your shampoo to copy the scent.

But then… I found this petition: http://new.petitiononline.com/Shampoo/petition.html

Apparently when Clairol was asked, they said they’d bring it back if enough people asked them for it. So yes, there are others out there. Of course I signed it. Frankly, I think it’s a lost cause, but aren’t those the best kind?

Now, if I could just find White Rain hair conditioner….


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4 responses to “Just when you think you’re the only one…

  1. Christine

    Hi Donna! I thought I would let you know that I recently found 2 very similar products to the emerald green shampoo I remember using at my grandmother’s — year’s ago! Checking out my local Stop and Shop, in the ethnic hair section, there was a product called “Mirtha Perales Herbal fresh”. They also have a website but everything was in spanish. The scent is very close. Also, just today I found “Vanart”. Dark green and similar scent. Big, 32 oz bottle as well, only $3!! And if it’s just the herbal scent you’re looking for, try Cleary Natural glycerin soap in rainforest scent. I emailed the Clairol site requesting they bring it back, but was told there wasn’t a market for it. From another site I tried to order some from Clairol but never got a response. So although the bottle doesn’t have that cool, earth goddess label, I’ve at least found a similar product with that wonderful smell! Hope you can find it for yourself.


  2. Thanks for the tip, Christine! You’ve inspired me to keep looking, in Canada or online.

    Added later:

    Found it!!


  3. TC

    WEll, I was going to suggest the mexican shampoo Vanart, but someone beat me to it!!!

  4. TC

    I bought my Vanart at Terry’s mexican store in dallas tx
    it smells EXACTLY like herbal essence (the original)

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