Calling all Sara Paretsky fans!!

Hey all,

I was approached today by a fellow from the BBC; on Monday (I think?) they are doing an interview with the fabulous Sara Paretsky, author of the V. I. Warshawski mystery books, among other great novels, about her first V. I. book, ‘Indemnity Only’. As I have her listed on my MySpace profile as a favorite author, I suppose it came up in some kind of search. I’ll tell you a neat story of my ‘brush with fame’ having to do with Sara Paretsky another day.

Anyway, I was happy to offer a question which they may not be able to use since it doesn’t deal solely with the book ‘Indemnity Only’. They are looking for more questions, and some will be able to offer them via phone. If you have any appropriate questions for Sara, here is the text of Gary’s letter regarding the interview:



Looking for Interview questions for Sara Paretsky radio show appearance


Dear Book Lovers,


I’m working for a BBC radio programme and I’m looking for fans of “Indemnity Only” by Sara Paretksy.


We’re about to record a programme with Sara Paretksy, in which a studio audience and booklovers around the world will be able to ask the author questions about her book. So, fans, if there’s anything you’d like to ask Sara Paretksy about “Indemnity Only”, please email your question to: – and our presenter will put them to her on your behalf (as many as we have time for in the show).


The interview with Sara Paretksy is in a BBC World Service series called: “World Book Club”. You can find information about the programme on our website:


Thanks very much indeed. We look forward to hearing from you.


World Book Club

BBC World Service




Send off your questions!!


I’ll put a link of the podcast here when it happens!


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