Dancing With The Stars

Hold on folks… this is a long one this week!!! This week’s dances:

Sabrina and Mark – Foxtrot – 25

I thought their performance was very good, much better than their mark would suggest. Her head positions were lovely, and that, in my experience, is the most difficult thing for female amateurs to get, the neck extension, slant and snap. I strongly feel that the judges are judging them against themselves, not the others, and this just isn’t fair. By any other couple their dance would have merited a strong 27 or 28.

Jennie and Derek – Mambo – 27

Everyone raved about their dance this week, and it was an improvement. Otherwise… meh. One thing I have to say… I really think that Derek – a truly fabulous dancer – hasn’t quite got the knack of how to show his partner off at her best. This is a supremely difficult thing for the male dancers, especially, and I think the other men do it better. Instead, he casts Jennie in the shadows with his own litheness and excellence.

Jane and Tony – Jive – 22

I thought it was well-executed, but looked, to me, awkward. I thought that Bruno’s remark that it just wasn’t Jane’s style was right on the money, but should they really be judged down because of that? The skill level was pretty good, though the speed just wasn’t there.

Cameron and Edyta – Samba – 25

He’s definitely getting better, and I think Carrie Anne understood what they were going for with their dance… ‘Amazonian Primal’, but the costumes did them a disservice because it did really seem very ‘Pocahontas’.

Melanie and Maks – Rhumba – 30

As always, stellar. She’s emerging as one of my favorites, along with Sabrina, as much for how she counters Maks’ arrogance as anything. He has an extremely strong personality, and needs a very centered woman to counter that. Their Rhumba was steamy… but perfect? I don’t really think so.

Marie and Jonathan – Paso Doble – 23

Well, she didn’t faint! Really, the amount of press Marie’s faint has gotten, it’s silly. But darn… I wish people would get that in the Paso the woman is NOT the bull, she’s the CAPE!!!! Now… according to Wiki the female dancer can also be the bull or a flamenco dancer in some cases, but in all the years I’ve watched ballroom dance, I’ve never seen that once, nor has anyone ever mentioned it. And the way Jonathan dragged her at the end of the dance… she was clearly meant to be the cape, because I’ve never seen a bullfighter drag the bull out of the arena.

BTW… this became one of my favorite dances not from ballrooom, but from the stellar, brilliant, incomparable Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean ice dance routine to the music of Ravel’s Bolero, that won them the Olympic medal for Ice Dance in the 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo. (The link is for a YouTube video)

Helio and Julianne – ChaCha – 28

Back in form again… joyous! You can’t help but smile when these two hit the floor, and that is as much because of Helio as Julianne.


But the killer of the night for me was the group dance. I am astounded that with all these folks do, they can manage a difficult thing like the Rock & Roll group dance and accomplish it. Bravo! It was fun, it was energetic, and if there were weak points, the camera crew was skilled enough to avoid them.

Who’s going home this week? Not sure, but it could be Jane or Marie.

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