DWTS Outrage!!!!!

I am stunned. Watching Dancing With The Stars last night, at first I thought my blog would only have something to say about Jane Seymour’s ‘food poisoning’ incident, but you could have knocked me over with a feather last night when Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas were kicked off. It is villainous!

And though the judges looked oh-so-shocked, I think they bear part of the blame for marking them so low in the first place, as I said yesterday, unfairly judging them against their own performances, instead of against everyone elses.

The truth is they were so far ahead of any of the other stars, I expected her to be there at the final two, and couldn’t imagine who could beat her. Well…. apparently Jane Seymour and Marie Osmond, who I like, really, but who can’t compare with Sabrina on any of the levels, are thought of as better than her.

Now… I know, I know… this is not a competition between professional dancers, and so skill is not the only judging criteria. I accept that. Skill is one facet, but performance, emotion, improvement, etcetera, are all valid judging criteria. And on every one, Sabrina had it in the bag. Was her foxtrot flawless? No, not at all; Len was right, that she didn’t texture it with enough light and shade, didn’t give it the smoothness and flow it requires, but… and this is a big but, far bigger than J-Lo’s (just kidding… I’d kill for J-Lo’s butt) it was far above most of the performances, and at least equal to Mel and Maks’s rhumba.

Ooomph. This has really taken the steam out of this year’s competition for me. Who should win? Well, I think Mel, or Helio? Stay tuned, I guess; anything can happen.

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