Book Trailers

Book trailers… what do you think?

And no, I’m not harkening back to my youth when a visit in my neighbourhood of the bookmobile was an exciting event for a booknerd like me, I’m talking about the new flashy productions that are complete with music, voice-overs, video, splashy graphics, the whole bit. Circle of Seven, the leader in producing book trailers, is having a contest right now on their MySpace page, and in voting for the contest, I watched all the contenders.

I was impressed! They’ve come a long way in just the year since I saw my first one! And really, I think they did the job they’re supposed to do by introducing me to books by authors I’m unfamiliar with, and making me want to read some of them.

Have a look and judge for yourself.

Circle of Seven Hallowe’en Contest (click on Hallowe’en Contest!!! (view more…))

Oh, and vote for Rebecca York, Beyond Fearless!!!!


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4 responses to “Book Trailers

  1. Hi Donna!

    Thanks! As CEO of Circle of Seven Productions I’m always glad to hear that we’re doing a good job and improving each year.
    Since 2002, when we first started making trailers, we’ve really learned a lot. It’s hard to be the leader or first at something because you have to make all the rookie mistakes and everyone else gets to learn not to do that! LOL

    I love how Beyond Fearless came out. Rebecca York is amazing. She won the contest by the way! She was so thrilled!

    Most of the booksellers are taking them now and publishers are paying for them to go on TV, so they’re really gaining in popularity with the public and the industry.

    Thanks for blogging about trailers!


  2. Hi Sheila,

    I was so impressed with all of the book trailers that Circle of Seven did, and voted accordingly! I think that book trailers serve a new purpose, bringing media savvy consumers to books they may not otherwise learn about in a fun, informative way!

  3. John Kelly

    Hi Donna,

    Will you have a look at this trailer for Tom Harper’s Lost Temple?

    I’d really like to have your opinion!

  4. Hi John,

    It looks great! I’m very impressed. I just might have to get a book video for my next release!!


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