Are we there yet?

Y’know, I’ve never blogged about a TV show before, following it all along, and is it just me or does it seem to make the season longer?

Dancing With the Stars was on last night, of course, and I really enjoyed it, as usual. One of the things I like about DWTS, is that there is very little of the reality show bulls**t, with infighting and name-calling. That gets old after a very short time. I used to like Amazing Race, but there is far too much of the bi**hing and moaning in cars and airports. That wore thin. And America’s Next Top Model, The Bachelor et al? Get over all the drama, will you?

The two best dancing couples of the night on DWTS were Mel B. and Helio. I especially liked one of the judge’s comments that they noticed that Maks was really enjoying working with Mel, and I appreciated that. He may come across as arrogant, at times, and he is undoubtedly conceited, but I think Maks is one of those guys who respects and works well with strong women. I like Mel’s humor, her strength, and her attitude.

Go Mel!

Or… well, I do like Helio and Julianne as a dancing couple.

So… go Helio!

Or… given how long the DWTS season has already seemed to me… just go!

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