Big Surprises of the Week

Big surprises of the week…

1 – Cameron Mathison getting kicked off Dancing With The Stars

2 – The Paris Hilton ‘Drunken Elephants’ story being retracted.

Umm, okay, just kidding.

First, it was time for Cameron to go. He and Jennie and Marie have been entertaining, but Helio and Mel B., are the real deal on Dancing With The Stars.

And Paris? Really, who the heck got taken in by that stupid story? If you don’t know… the genesis is actually valid, so they say. Apparently elephants in an Indian province get drunk and rampage. But then some news source said that Paris Hilton was concerned and had publicly spoken out about it. But really, the drunken elephant part was easy to believe, but Paris Hilton making a public statement of concern for any world event? That strained credulity to the bursting point.

Check out this retraction:


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