Snow On Evergreen by Julia Tikhonova

Overnight my city has been blanketed in snow, and it’s really pretty.

What I love about winter? It’s a great time to work. I love to look OUT at the snow, tho’ I’m not so much with the playing in it. So sitting at a glowing computer, writing, writing, writing, and occasionally looking out the window at the snowy landscape is the perfect way to spend the day.

And that’s what I’m going to do right now… have a great weekend, everybody!



Filed under Weekly Wrap-UP, Writing

2 responses to “Snowday

  1. Wow!

    Ms. Simpson, did you click the above picture?

    If yes, I’d love to feature it at SC.

  2. Hi Allan,

    No, actually I didn’t… I thought I had attributed, but it didn’t show up… my bad! The photographer is Julia Tikhonova. I got the photo from stock.xchngcom, a photo source.

    Thanks so much for the comment though!


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