Dancing With The Stars

With the writers’ strike, I thought I’d stand in for the MIA David Letterman.

Dave comes out, adjusts his jacket and looks around. “How you folks doing? Did you watch the big show last night? I’m talking about that… that Bachelor thing.” Audience laughs at David’s fuzzy memory, as they do whenever he can’t remember Mayor Bloomberg’s name. “You saw it. Wow. See, Brad Womack, this bachelor guy who has to go on TV to get a date, he has to choose between these two girls to marry, but it turns out… ah, who’m I kidding? Who cares?”

But I’m not as funny as him, and it’s not his jokes that are funny anyway, it’s him. I miss you, Dave!

But The Bachelor… oooh, most shocking finale ever!!

Gimme a break.

Backtracking a little to Sunday night’s AMA awards. They were merely ‘meh’, even down to Beyonce and Jennifer Nettles singing the Queen B’s song Irreplaceable with a country twang – it was all right, and I was mildly impressed, but, well, meh…

Then Queen Latifah came on and sang a jazz classic from her new album. I was dumbstruck. I’ve always liked Queen Latifah, but WOW! She’s never sounded better.

And on to last night’s DWTS…

Marie looked great, and did a fabulous job, I thought. I was wowed.

But then Mel and Maks came on, and it was game over. Did you SEE the splits thingie she did??? Y’know before this, though I could pick her out of the Spice Girls line-up (aw, c’mon, I didn’t mean that!) I didn’t know much about her. But I’ve really gotten to like her. She’s raucous and funny and loud and driven. She keeps Maks in his place, and has a go at Tom Bergeron… and he looks like he enjoys it. She’s got this frenetic energy that seems real.

So I think DWTS has done what it’s supposed to do for all of these performers. It’s the only reality show I always remember to watch, and Melanie Brown is my new favorite.

Go Mel and Maks!


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