Comfort & Joy

Writing… what a lovely pastime. It’s been my bread and butter for so long, I think I had forgotten a bit how much I really do love it.

But right now I’m working on the fourth Awaiting book, Awaiting the Magic, and it’s the best fun I’ve had in a long time. If you haven’t read the end of Awaiting the Fire, yet, DON’T READ ON!! Spoiler alert!!


Photo Credit: Joahnnes Huning

(sp?… that is how the name is spelled in the credit info)

Right now, Christoph von Wolfram is heading into a cave in the Belgian countryside to rescue the poor gypsy-girl Tamara, who at the end of Awaiting the Fire had been kidnapped by the powerful witch Morwenna and the soon-to-be tragic figure (perhaps?? who knows yet… not me!) Lyulph, the werewolf villain of Awaiting the Fire.

And ooooh, I’m having so much fun! A dank, dripping cave in Belgium, (Ardennes region) a witch coven, the battle between good and evil, both externally and internally… Christoph will finally have to face his inner demons once and for all. I’m free to follow, to creep into the dark cave with Christoph and his companions.

Think of me as I climb into the dark entrance and follow the path… the torch is faint, and I’m nervous, but I have to follow to find out what happens….

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