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Green Bean Casserole anyone?

Okay, I’ll admit it… I am completely baffled as to the seemingly overwhelming popularity of this treat, Continue reading

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My Noel

Quite a few years ago I had a white cat with blue eyes named ‘Puttin’. I named her that because when she came to me she was a ‘puny kitten’, rejected by her mother and hand fed to survive. She died at the age of twelve; she had a lot of health challenges along the way, but she was happy and had a good life.

I was broken hearted when Puttin died. I do love cats; they’re so peaceful and yet loving, very calming in a stressful world. Though I didn’t think I was ready for another cat, near Christmas of that year I did adopt a kitten that was about four months old at the time. I wasn’t sure of his gender for a while; he was fluffy and quite tiny. Because of the season, I named him ‘Noel’.

He was adorable, a fluffy, gentle little gray and white cat. He lived a long life, and I loved him so much. He wanted nothing more than to just be near me while I worked, a silent, loving presence. All of this is just to explain why I want to put his picture out there, my Christmas cat, Noel.

This photo just happened; the wreaths were piled on the floor, and Noel jumped into the center. Photo op!

My Noel

Noel, the Christmas Cat

I miss him a lot.  Though another cat has found his way into my life and heart, I still have photos of Noel around for comfort.

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Winter Wonderland


Photo Credit: Roswitha Schacht

I live in a part of the country that is deluged in snow… we’re having an old fashioned winter, they say, which means the snow began in late November and has not let up since.

I remember when I was a kid Continue reading

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Reality TV News Flash – February 2008

All right, so the writer’s strike sucks, especially since Dave and Jay have not been on. I miss Dave’s annual pizza & meatball-topped Christmas tree. But being a writer, I do understand what the strike is about.

However… Continue reading

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Romance Fiction Articles @ Suite 101

I started a few weeks ago writing articles on romance fiction; writing it, publishers, websites, etc.

Have a look around… I’m up to ten articles so far, covering, Circle of Seven book videos, and lots about romance fiction.

Check it out!

Suite 101 logo

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