Winter Wonderland


Photo Credit: Roswitha Schacht

I live in a part of the country that is deluged in snow… we’re having an old fashioned winter, they say, which means the snow began in late November and has not let up since.

I remember when I was a kid and enjoyed playing in the snow, the crisp air, snowmen, skating… when did I lose that? Somewhere along the way. I still walk out in it though, and yesterday, coming home, had to slog through unbroken snow. Even the plows hadn’t been down my street yet. I waded through it all, across the bridge, into my neighbourhood, not able to tell what was sidewalk and what was street.

I will say it is so pretty! A fresh, clean blanket of white covers every surface, making everything amorphous, lots of humped, unidentifiable shapes with a coating of crystalline white. Lovely.

But cold! And so do I… have a cold, that is. Stuffed up so bad I can’t even think.

Ah well, the upside is, I’ll be better by Christmas Day!

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