My Noel

Quite a few years ago I had a white cat with blue eyes named ‘Puttin’. I named her that because when she came to me she was a ‘puny kitten’, rejected by her mother and hand fed to survive. She died at the age of twelve; she had a lot of health challenges along the way, but she was happy and had a good life.

I was broken hearted when Puttin died. I do love cats; they’re so peaceful and yet loving, very calming in a stressful world. Though I didn’t think I was ready for another cat, near Christmas of that year I did adopt a kitten that was about four months old at the time. I wasn’t sure of his gender for a while; he was fluffy and quite tiny. Because of the season, I named him ‘Noel’.

He was adorable, a fluffy, gentle little gray and white cat. He lived a long life, and I loved him so much. He wanted nothing more than to just be near me while I worked, a silent, loving presence. All of this is just to explain why I want to put his picture out there, my Christmas cat, Noel.

This photo just happened; the wreaths were piled on the floor, and Noel jumped into the center. Photo op!

My Noel

Noel, the Christmas Cat

I miss him a lot.  Though another cat has found his way into my life and heart, I still have photos of Noel around for comfort.

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