Pooping Puffins and other Political Oddities

In the vast quagmire that is North American politics, it may escape the notice of our friends to the south (and north… mustn’t forget Alaska) that Canada, too, is about to have a federal election.

What, you say… but there hasn’t been a couple of years of electioneering! That’s because of that miracle of Canadianism, the snap election. Parliament is dissolved as the prime minister goes to Rideau Hall to inform the Governor General of his intentions to call an election. Ah, but this prime minister enacted a law designed to bring us more closely politically to our American friends by having a fixed election date. Then he decided it didn’t apply to him, or to this particular government or some such nonsense.

Anyway, not the point. He doesn’t happen to be of my political persuasion, but there we go. Am I not the voter the current prime minister should be courting, rather than those who will already be voting for him anyway? Why, then, is his party spreading such nonsense as ‘We’re better off with Stephen Harper‘, to which I want to add ‘out of office‘.

And what ding-dong in the Regressive Preservative party – what is their name now? I know they almost were the Conservative Reform Alliance Party ‘CRAP’ Party – hired the webmaster-of-his-own-domain who thought the Pooping Puffin web ad was a good idea? Really? I’m supposed to trust them to run my country when they can’t even run a proper advertising campaign?

The party that gets my vote will vow to repeal the ‘fixed election date’ law, because what I don’t want is what long-suffering Americans have to put up with, two years of stupid political ads and political mud-slinging. Pooping Puffin, anyone? Sounds like a good name for an alternative rock group.


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