This one’s for Laurie!

Laurie Gold (aka The DIK Goddess) blogged this week on a disappointing rip-off, another blog that calls itself DIK or some such thing.

For those who don’t know, Laurie’s site, All About Romance, has been the online home for romance readers and writers for well over a decade, and since 1996 has reviewed books, giving some a coveted stamp of approval, DIK, or Desert Isle Keeper designation.

I’ve gotten two, and the designation is no light matter to me. It’s been years, and I’m still trying to get another one!! (I’m laughing, I’m laughing, really!) Anyway, it seems likely that those who started the blog in question knew where the term came from, and decided not to give credit for some reason. I’m a stickler for that myself, and think it’s worse than poor form not to at least credit Laurie with the term. Why wouldn’t you?

As a writer and/or romance reader/reviewer, I would think you’d be especially sensitive to rip-offs because of the numerous plagiarism cases we’ve all discussed on AAR and other places in the last few years.

So, I’m joining the fight, and Laurie, here’s your plea!

AAR/DIK Credit Due!

AAR/DIK Credit Due!

So Laurie, good luck, and I hope the ladies at the blog are listening, and please… don’t give up on us! Your site is the most valuable romance reader/writer interaction on the web, bar none!

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