What has to be done, what ought to be done, and what I’d like to do.

How do you tell the difference? And where do you ever find the time for ‘what I’d like to do’?

The ‘has to be dones’ are so important:

  1. Work – the WIP must be first priority!
  2. Self-Care – you can only schlump around in dirty pajamas with dirty hair for so long!
  3. Household – laundry, food prep, shopping, more laundry, then kid-care (if you have them) senior care (if you have them).

Then there is the list of ‘ought to be done’.

  1. Work – promotion, proposals, networking.
  2. Self-Care – hair dyeing, toenail buffing.
  3. Household – windows to wash, lawn work, closets to clean out, stuff to get rid of.

So what happens to the “I’d like to do this’ list?

  1. Work – Dreaming about other work opportunities and playing with ideas.
  2. Self-Care – all the stuff that makes you happy, like hobbies, projects, singing, dancing, exercise.
  3. Household – Decorating for holidays, planning parties, painting.

Well, usually those things just don’t get done, and until they find a way to stuff a few more hours in the day, likely won’t. I’m in the third year of a family photo album project that was supposed to be done ‘by Christmas’… of 2005.

But I will get it done, by Christmas. I’m just not saying which Christmas.


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