Close to my heart.

I love animals. Sometimes I love animals better than I love people. I’m only partially joking.

But veterinary care is expensive, so pet ownership is problematic for some people, especially low-income seniors and those on disability pensions… in other words, the very people who can best care for an animal in other ways (the time and love a pet requires) and are most in need of pet companionship, can’t afford to properly care for a pet.

Imagine my delight when I discovered the Farley Foundation, an organization inspired by Farley, the sweet sheepdog from my absolute favorite comic strip, For Better or For Worse. The Farley Foundation, in their own words, “…helps sick and injured pets that belong to low-income seniors and people with disabilities.”

October is Fundraise for Farley month. Among all the other donations you will make this year, I urge Canadians to consider either a donation to or a purchase from The Farley Foundation.

My Puttin
My Puttin

My Puttin, long gone, but never forgotten.


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