Cockeyed Optimist

Sometimes it’s difficult to be an optimist. Life is not always a bed of roses, but beyond the hardships we all face – and I’m talking about the real hardships, like people we love becoming ill – reading the newspaper is enough to convince you that the world is full of angry, negative, cruel people. And worse. Shysters steal from pensioners, sickos kill helpless puppies, pathetic scumbags abuse children and the elderly.

But the world is full of good people. Flawed, but determined to do better. Weak on occasion, but rising from apathy to become great in their determination to succeed.

I see a new day, today, in the wake of the American presidential choice. Call me a cockeyed optimist, but I was inspired by how voters rejected bitterness, suspicion, fear-mongering and anger, and voted for a leader who appears to ‘walk the walk’, in his public life, as well as in his private life. The choice of President-elect Obama was a clear cut rejection of the attempt by the Republicans to present him as the ‘scary unknown’, a radical who would steer the country up onto the shoals of the dreaded socialism, even presenting him as a possible terrorist. (Yes, that’s what the attempt to tie him to Ayers was, we all saw it; it was fear-mongering at its most potent) The negative campaigning didn’t work, and I’m thrilled.

Oprah’s t-shirt on her show yesterday summed it up. Hope Won.

But also… Hope: 1 – Fear-Mongering: 0

President Obama is going to have the most difficult job of any president in recent memory. I’m certain he’s aware that a lot of people will be waiting to pounce on any little errors… or what they perceive as errors. He’s going to have a  rough ride, and my wish for him is that he holds on to the ideals that kept him going through a long, divisive campaign. He must stay centered, stay real, and while listening to others, and considering their learned opinions, he should always always stay true to himself.

But I’m positive he doesn’t need me telling him that. He’s been doing it his whole life.

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