The genius of Chuck Lorre

Chuck Lorre is the creative mind behind hits like Cybill, Grace Under Fire, 2 and a Half Men, and my current favorite, The Big Bang Theory.

All good enough, but his real writing brilliance comes out in an unexpected way… vanity cards.

What are those? They are cards of text at the end of every sitcom he writes. Quirky, wise, profane, idiotic, sick, twisted, perverse, hilariously funny, but often just sad, they give a kind of mock peek into his brain, and what an uncomfortable place that is. But for some reason, I find them fascinating. He started with Dharma & Greg, and they continue.

To be honest before today my reading of them was limited to what I could catch in the 1 1/2 seconds they flash on the screen at the end of Big Bang Theory, (as a historical writer the intricacies of VHS and PVR are beyond me) but it was enough for me to look online. I found them all listed at:

And blogging about them? Well, apparently other people do this too. As Chuck (may call you Mr. Lorre, Chuck?) says in #211, “I should also add that I am aware and deeply appreciative of the blogging that goes on around my cards. I do occasionally lurk at various web sites to see what folks are saying. I enjoy the discourse while simultaneously feeling a deep, nagging fear that any of these people might someday learn my home address.”

Read them for the insight into a sitcom writers mind. Also read his article, How to Create Hit Sitcom.


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