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I wish I’d paid attention in science class.

For those who think historical romance writers don’t do enough research, I think I can disprove that theory.

Mired in rewrites, I am spending waaaay too much time on research of nebulous little niggles that no one else will notice in the long run, but that are going to drive me bonkers. I find myself hung up on the weirdest details. Continue reading



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Cockeyed Optimist

Sometimes it’s difficult to be an optimist. Life is not always a bed of roses, but beyond the hardships we all face – and I’m talking about the real hardships, like people we love becoming ill – reading the newspaper is enough to convince you that the world is full of angry, negative, cruel people. And worse. Shysters steal from pensioners, sickos kill helpless puppies, pathetic scumbags abuse children and the elderly.

But the world is full of good people. Continue reading

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