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World’s Oldest Romance Novelist!

Thanks to Sandy at AAR’s News Blog for linking to a fascinating article on the oldest living romance novelist, Mrs. Jean MacLeod.

Read and enjoy… she’s been writing for Mills and Boon since 1938!!!

Britain’s Oldest Romantic Novelist

This is exactly how I want to spend my 101st birthday!!!

Except I want cake, too. Lots of cake.

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Listen to and watch this remarkable Welsh singer!

Stepping Stone



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Snow, snow, snow!!

Ah, it’s snowing again, so I feel a little Christmasey still, so, I thought I’d let you know what I got for Christmas!

Lucky girl, I am, because besides some really nice Nordic pajamas, I got something I blogged about a loooong time ago.




Isn’t it cool? A Jane Austen action figure, complete with ‘killer quill-power’ (okay, I’m making that part up) and hardwood writing desk.

The best.

I’m a lucky girl.

Despite the mounds of snow piling up outside my door and the too-close deadline.

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