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Romancing the Blog

I’m addicted, I admit it. The Internet, while a fascinating place, an awesome resource and a relaxing part of every day, can also be a great, time-sucking, wasteful monster for those of us who work at home and have no boss looking over our shoulders.

C’est moi!

Who knew reading the news could take all day? Or that a quest for an answer to the fascinating topic of card games in the Georgian era could end up taking me to a site on gambling addiction?

But there are certain places I visit every day and don’t feel waste my time online; I go for interesting posts and intelligent discussion related to the industry I am a part of, the romance publishing field. One of those places is Romancing the Blog. I like the variety of voices, the sheer number of visitors and the timely and interesting subjects, ranging from posts by authors that provide me with a sense of “Ah, yes, I go through that too’, to posts by readers and fans. I like ‘listening in’ on reader discussions.


So have a peek, and join the discussion!

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