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Okay, so I have a new favorite show. Have you watched Cupid yet? It airs on ABC Tuesday nights at 10 pm and stars Bobby Cannavale as Cupid and Sarah Paulson as  Dr. Claire McCrae. Now, I thought I remembered a previous incarnation of this show, and it turns out I was right. The original starred Jeremy Piven of Entourage fame.

It is a cute premise; Cupid is sent to earth, banished from Mt. Olympus, and has to make 100 matches without his bow and arrow before he’s allowed back. But is ‘Trevor Pierce’  really Cupid, or just repressing emotional problems? That, of course, is what Dr. McCrae thinks.

But last night’s episode, Live and Let Spy, brought to mind one romance fiction trope I particularly like, but didn’t realize until I saw it last night; the misanthrope who is won by a woman of some naivete, but much character.

I really enjoyed last night’s episode, which featured a burned-out ex-cop PI who finds love with a poor-little-rich-girl with a social conscience. That sounds kind of lame, but it worked!

Give it a try! Good romantic TV shows are few and far between.

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