Fitness and the writer.

Ah, what sluggards we writers are! Get up at the crack of noon, paddle to the computer with a coffee in one hand, a double chocolate donut in the other, and a pair of tiger paw slippers on our feet. Sit and feel our bottom expand as we craft our lovely romances and mysterious murders.

Well, though the above scenario is not exactly true – I am usually at my computer by 7:30, and if I can’t sleep that’s 6:30, and though I do drink coffee, I don’t eat much except for some cereal or a piece of toast – what is true is that the battle of the bulge is an ongoing stand-off for many of us, armed camps on both sides, lobbing insults instead of grenades. This subject was brought to my mind by Barbara Samuel’s Romancing the Blog topic.

So what do we do to fight it? Alison Kent mentioned that she does Wii Fit, and while it is no cure-all in the weight department, at least it keeps you moving and active.  She is getting Wii Sports Active and I’m anxious to see how she likes it.

Dancing with the Stars Cardio Dance

Dancing with the Stars Cardio Dance

But I’ve got a new DVD I’m anxious to try… Dancing with the Stars Cardio Dance, a fitness DVD. I’ve always envied how the stars learn to salsa, mambo, cha-cha and rhumba (as opposed to a Roomba, which won’t help you dance unless you trip on it), and I want to learn! If I can learn a few moves and from Maksim and Kym, no less, and get more fit at the same time, I’m game.

I’ll let you know how THAT goes!!



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2 responses to “Fitness and the writer.

  1. Donna – I love Sports Active. It’s a killer! Twenty minutes and I’m baked, sweating like a pig!

    • Wow, Alison, I might just have to get it! I like Wii Fit but it certainly isn’t a hard workout… not enough for me to really break a sweat, except the boxing. but the boxing routine doesn’t last long enough to be a ‘workout’!

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