Thank Heaven for Cozies!

I am writing this entry to try to get something out of my mind; what I’m trying to avoid thinking about is that some sick bastard thought it was a nifty idea to put photos of poor David Carradine’s body online. I saw the headline, and I am terrified of coming across the photos.

So… thank heaven for cozy murder mystery novels!

I often think of the fact that though I read loads of murder mysteries, almost all of them are in the ‘cozy’ sub-genre because I have no taste for brutality, and treasure life so very much. Cozy murder mysteries avoid graphic depictions of violence, and are mostly about the characters and bringing order and justice to a troubled world. They will always, but always, have a solution, unlike real life murder mysteries that all too often have no solution discovered.

So, here are my Top Ten recommendations for cozy murder mystery series:

10 – Cookie Jar Mysteries- Joanne Fluke

9 – Elli Haskell ‘Thin Woman’ – Dorothy Cannell

8 – Faith Fairchild ‘The Body in the…’ Mysteries – Katherine Hall Page

7 – Bed & Breakfast Mysteries – Mary Daheim

6 – Death On Demand – Carolyn G. Hart

5 – Goldy Bear Schulz Catering – Diane Mott Davidson

4 – Amanda Pepper – Gillian Roberts

3 – 1st Ladies Detective Agency – Alexander McCall Smith

2 – Claire Malloy Bookseller – Joan Hess

1 – Maggody, Arkansas – Joan Hess

1 – Agatha Raisin – M. C. Beaton (all right, I know, I can’t have more than one ‘Number One’, but I do.)

They mostly bring humor to a dark world, and lightness to a dark subject.

To find out more about ‘cozy’ murder mysteries, I have just found a brilliant website! Visit

Next, I am going to name the Top Ten series I love by authors who are no longer with us. It is a sad thing that there are so many!!


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