Great Mystery series and the authors who left them behind!

I’ve been reading series mysteries as long as I can remember. It kind of started with the old Walter Brooks Freddy the Pig Detective book (it was the best book of the series, I thought) and continued when my mom got me involved in reading Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers and the rest.

And speaking of those great ladies… here is my Top Five List of great mystery authors who are no longer with us.

5 – Virginia Rich – wrote a series of culinary murder mysteries I read many years ago, featuring Eugenia Potter. A few of her books were finished and written after her death by the excellent murder mystery author Nancy Pickard.
4 – Ngaio Marsh– April 23, 1895 to February 18, 1982 – I cut my teeth on Marsh’s Roderick Alleyn series. She was a New Zealander who wrote very much in the Dorothy L. Sayers tradition.
3 – Charlotte MacLeod (aka Alisa Craig) November 12th, 1922 to January 14th, 2005 – known for her delightful Sarah and Max mysteries, she also wrote on set in Lobelia Falls Ontario… the Grub-and-Staker’s Club mysteries and another series set in the Canadian Maritimes.  Great fun!
2 – Dorothy L. Sayers – June 13th, 1893 to December 17th, 1957 – Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane are two of the most interesting sleuths ever created.
1 – Of course, who else but the Grande Dame,  Agatha Christie herself??? September 15th, 1890 to January 12th, 1976 – Christie was and always will be known as the most famous creator of the amateur sleuth, in Miss Marple, and the semi-professional in Hercule Poirot.

If you ever have the chance, read Agatha Christie’s autobiography for a glimpse at England before the wars and a look into the mind of a writer. It is wonderful.

I’m having so much fun remembering all the mystery novels series I have read through the years. Next, I think I will relate the sad tale of series whose authors have abandoned them… boo hoo!

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