Great Mystery Series and the authors who left them behind – Part II

The other day I posted on great mystery authors who have passed on, but there are other ways mystery series end. Sometimes an author just runs out of juice, or has some other reason for calling it quits.

I’ve come across two such cases with favorite series lately.

First, and sadly, the inimitable Gillian Roberts has packed in her Amanda Pepper series. In her own words “It seemed time for both Amanda and me (and C.K., too) to move on to new challenges. The parting was bittersweet for me—but I suspect that Amanda was overjoyed to be given a little time off from crime. And so, All’s Well That Ends.”

Of course, I’m wondering, what will happen at Philly Prep when it appears that all of a sudden all the murders have stopped happening?? Everyone must have gotten used to all those corpses piling up.

Ms. Roberts goes on to say, “I’m saying farewell to her, at least for now, but I hope I’m not saying goodbye to you. These days, I’m obsessed with seventeenth century Mexico. (I did say I wanted something different, remember.) Even if you’re not a historical mystery buff, I hope you’ll give the book a try when it’s ready. I’m hoping to create a mystery with unique characters, a good story, and some amazing history that’s relevant to our world today.”

Now, I’m most definitely not interested in 17th Century Mexico, but for Gillian Roberts I might give it a go.

Another sad departure, for me, is Selma Eichler’s Desiree Shapiro series. Selma says, on her site, “After months of vacillating like crazy, I’ve decided, for a variety of fairly substantial reasons, to take some time off from my writing. So although I’ll miss Desiree—after all, she’s been a big part of my life for more than fifteen years now—Murder Can Crash Your Party will be the final book in the Desiree Shapiro series. And I say this with more than a tinge of regret. ”

Sigh. That’s okay, I suppose. Grudgingly I will concede that the authors do have a right to call it quits. Just barely, I’ll admit it. The bright spot is, I have not read every book in either series yet, so I have some to savor. Truthfully, my main problem these days is finding time to read, when I barely have time to write!

So farewell Desiree and Amanda. I’ll miss you both.


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