When good chipmunks go bad.

Further to the whole wildlife in the backyard situation…

As I posted before, the back yard has become an animal sanctuary of sorts, with toads and robins and other animules, an assortment of wildlife that I have to clear to make sure the cats, all 37 pounds of them (spread out over two cats) don’t mangle anything. Not because I want to stifle their natural instincts, you understand, but if they make mincemeat of something, I have to call someone to move the corpse.

Me move it?? Moi?? Never. Not in this lifetime.

Anyway, this morning I opened the side door to let the cats out and noticed, on the doorstep, a smelly little chunk of chipmunk poop. (And yes, I’m sure it’s chipmunk poop… don’t ask.) But I’m not sure if that is a big fat raspberry by the leader of the chipmunk gang, or just some kind of obscure warning. Like a horse’s head in a bed, chipmunk style. I looked for gang graffiti on the wall at ankle height, but there wasn’t anything.

The worst thing is, now I can’t get that stupid song out of my head, you know the one, “Christmas Christmas time is heeeeere…”

Because I’m evil, here is the modern version with the wee beasties in hoodies.



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2 responses to “When good chipmunks go bad.

  1. Donna,

    As I write this note to you I am still angered by an incident that occured two days ago. What’s she so upset about you ask? Well, I discovered to my dismay that my first almost ripe tomato of the season had been plucked from the vine and eaten by some horrid creature. Instantly I blamed one of the terrible members from the squirrel gang who think they own our neighborhood. Case closed or so I thought. This morning my husband was looking out the kitchen window and remarked “What’s getting into your tomato plant?” I run to the patio window ready to confront the evil squirrel and low and behold it’s a chipmunk scaling the vines to pick a tomato!

  2. Yes, those squirrel gangs are nasty, eh? But this whole new breed of chipmunk youth is out of control!

    LOL! Funny, Wanda!!

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