Who is Bronwyn West…

And why won’t she stop bugging me?

Ah, the terrors of social networking. We all have to do it, published authors in the midlist, I mean. The stars of romance fiction don’t have to, but some of them do anyway; Nora doesn’t have to, but she pops up now and then on blog message boards. You don’t often see Mary Balogh, Diana Gabaldon, or Jo Beverley, though.

Facebook, Myspace, BookBlogs, Published Authors ning… those are some of the ones I do, as well as blogging here and on the Casablanca blog.

But FaceBook… grrr! I routinely friend anyone who asks, and as long as they behave nicely, I leave things be. (I don’t respond to the ‘John Doe just became a fan of John Doe and thinks you should too’ idiots) But there’s always one in a crowd who goes overboard, and it seems to me that on FaceBook Bronwyn West (nice name, btw) whoever she is, is that one person. It started innocently enough with the page suggestions, etc. Then I noticed multiple suggestions from her for every single freaking fracking social networking site online, sometimes ten a day. I had had enough a week or so ago, so I unfriended her on FaceBook and sent her a sternly worded letter asking her to please take me off whatever list she has me on.

After that I got a chipper and impersonal note saying she had started up an email account for me!!! The nerve… an email account!! That’s mighty personal.
This morning it was two from her for Octopop, whatever that is!!!

In my spam email box this morning I had another Bronwyn West invitation for something called Naijapals, to meet Nigerian Pals, and now (I’m sure you’ve all gotten plenty of the Nigerian 419 scam emails) I’m beginning to wonder if I should feel sorry for Bronwyn. Has her mail or FaceBook been hacked into? Poor woman. Actually, her picture looks very nice, smiling face, kind eyes. Maybe I’ve been too hard on her. Should I refriend her?

Oh Noooo… I’ve drunk the social networking koolaid! Help me before I friend again.



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5 responses to “Who is Bronwyn West…

  1. Paul Dhall

    This is the social network junkie Bronwyn West that sp@ms everyone.

    Bronwyn West
    Columbus, Ohio
    Grandview Heights
    United States

    Email Addresses:

    Jun 1987-Jul 1991
    Employment at COVA:
    Title: housekeeper
    Department: housekeeping
    Full-time Employee

    From Jun 1987 to Jul 1991
    I did housekeeping at varoius sites around the city in offices and hotels

    1975-1976 Columbia College – English, History
    1971-1974 Grandview Heights High School

    I am a 53 year old woman who likes watching mostly old movies, and musicals, and rating them

  2. Interesting, Paul! Thanks for the info.

  3. Dear Donna,

    My recent issue with Facebook is all the questionnaires, photo tags and zodiac collage type apps! I can ignore the list of group invites and the like if I wish but those tags keep cropping up on my ‘wall’ each and every day! I recently joined Twitter and find it a much better networking tool. I’m just saying! If you don’t want to continue following someone’s ‘tweets’ then all you have to do is ‘unfollow’ them. No more tweets, simple & sweet!

    @WandaLynneYoung (Twitter)

  4. Bronwyn

    Haha i found this quite amusing, as my name is also Bronwyn West (though on facebook you’ll find me via Bronwyn Marie West, to keep me apart from the Bronwyn West you are talking about — the woman is disabled and most likely spends her entire life online…. me being an online designer, this is seriously messing up my online reputation.

    I am just hoping that I am not confused with this other woman

    – the OTHER Bronwyn West

  5. revessie

    I wrote a book and this “person” has been harassing me to death! They keep sending me invites in my email, etc. It’s wierd. Not a person. Nice pic but the nice pic is only a representative of whomever is using it.

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