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So far 2010 is… interesting.

I was writing a passage this morning about springtime – plum blossoms, a cool evening breeze rustling through pines – but was jerked back to cold harsh reality when I had to go to the door to look in the mailbox. Snow, wind, ice, cold… brrrrr!

Only a writer could escape to a virtual world that way… or a reader!

Anyway, 2010 is beginning on a (mostly) nice note. I have news… exciting news… news I can’t share yet. About a new book and a contract!!!


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My Favorite Things

Ooooh… my favorite traditional Christmas gift… I’m savoring the last few of these crumbly, buttery wonderful shortbread cookies from my annual tin. Not kind to my ‘diet’, but worth a few Weight Watcher’s points per cookie, with a cup of Tetley Chai tea (another Christmas gift this year!)

Walker’s Shortbread

And I just found this out… Walker’s makes a line of Weight Watcher’s products!

So… what did YOU get for the holidays that is special every year, and that you savor??

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