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Fresh Fiction

Great news!!!

Awaiting the Fire Awaiting the Fire was chosen as Fresh Fiction’s ‘Pick of the Day’ for tomorrow, today October 6th, 2007! I am honoured!  Check out the site, and my book cover will be prominently featured at the top of every page!!

Fresh Fiction

What is ‘Fresh Fiction’? They are a fabulous website, in their own description ‘Fresh Fiction: Books and authors for today’s readers of Mystery, Thrillers, Romance, Suspense, Fantasy and Science Fiction’. A broad range indeed, and I’m doubly honored that they chose li’l ole me out of the vast sea of authors.

Their pick of the day is chosen by their reviewers, again, in their own words in a letter to my editor about Awaiting the Fire: “The Fresh Pick is chosen by a group of readers and is never a purchased advertisement or promotion. We’ve chosen your book because it appeals to us and we like to share our diverse tastes in reading and hope other
readers will give it a try.”

So, here are some links:

My author page on Fresh Fiction:

Check out the reviews… hey, according to reviewer Mandy Burns: “Donna Lea Simpson is absolutely brilliant!” She said it, not me!

Also, I am their ‘Guest Blogger’ for October 9th 2007 – that’s next Tuesday – so check out my blog on ‘When series change covers’… wonder where I got that idea from!!

Their blog link is:

Check it out… the site is fabulous, well-designed and thorough!

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I’m at Romancing the Blog!

Just a quick entry… I wasn’t expecting it, but Romancing the Blog used an ‘Open Blog Night’ I wrote!! yay.

Check them out and read my entry, ‘Trend-Hopping’ or ‘Why I write about wolfy men.”

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Hello, all! I thought that I would try, on Fridays, to tie up any and/or all news, notes or other things of interest that have happened in my world, or the world of publishing/romance at large. Continue reading

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Release Day!!

Hurray! Awaiting the Fire hits the stands today… I feel like I’ve been waiting a long, looong time. In fact… hmmm, it’s been almost exactly nine months since my last release. Nine months. Makes a girl think.

Awaiting the Fire

Check out the new page here – the ‘What’s Up My Nose?‘ contest – in celebration!!

Romantic Times gives Awaiting the Fire Four Stars and says: “Simpson has upgraded the gothic to new heights in her series and continues to merge sexual tension, the paranormal and a grand passion within a classic genre.”

Also: Over at The Idea Boutique, I give a little insight into how I got and developed the idea for Awaiting the Fire… Thanks so much to Heather for letting me gab a bit!

I hope everyone likes the book.

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