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Spring and blogging

I’m so excited… spring is most definitely here (tulips and daffodils and all) and a robin is nesting above my front porch light. But my writing is so much fun right now, too.

I’ve finished Book Three of the Lady Anne books and it’s been approved. I’ve got another three book Regency romance proposal at my editor’s, and I’m working on my own secret pet project. And I need to finish Awaiting the Magic for all those patient readers who are still, a year and a half later, asking about book four of the Awaiting Series.

So much lovely work, so little time, and all when the sunshine is beckoning and the cats want to go outside!

Is anyone else having trouble concentrating on work when white puffy clouds drift across the blue sky outside the office window, and robins sing songs about the joy of life?


On the work side, join me tomorrow at the Casablanca blog for my post on how I used Zodiac signs to create characters for Lady Anne and the Howl in the Dark.

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I’m baa-aack!

This is a sticky post, one talking about my publishing life… so if you are here to learn about what is current, read on! Continue reading


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Fresh Fiction

Great news!!!

Awaiting the Fire Awaiting the Fire was chosen as Fresh Fiction’s ‘Pick of the Day’ for tomorrow, today October 6th, 2007! I am honoured!  Check out the site, and my book cover will be prominently featured at the top of every page!!

Fresh Fiction

What is ‘Fresh Fiction’? They are a fabulous website, in their own description ‘Fresh Fiction: Books and authors for today’s readers of Mystery, Thrillers, Romance, Suspense, Fantasy and Science Fiction’. A broad range indeed, and I’m doubly honored that they chose li’l ole me out of the vast sea of authors.

Their pick of the day is chosen by their reviewers, again, in their own words in a letter to my editor about Awaiting the Fire: “The Fresh Pick is chosen by a group of readers and is never a purchased advertisement or promotion. We’ve chosen your book because it appeals to us and we like to share our diverse tastes in reading and hope other
readers will give it a try.”

So, here are some links:

My author page on Fresh Fiction:

Check out the reviews… hey, according to reviewer Mandy Burns: “Donna Lea Simpson is absolutely brilliant!” She said it, not me!

Also, I am their ‘Guest Blogger’ for October 9th 2007 – that’s next Tuesday – so check out my blog on ‘When series change covers’… wonder where I got that idea from!!

Their blog link is:

Check it out… the site is fabulous, well-designed and thorough!

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Dancing with the Stars

Well! I was genuinely surprised to see Albert Reed go, not because he didn’t deserve to – it was only a matter of time – but because I thought the female fans would keep him around. I didn’t get his ‘allure’, but as he’s a model, I assume he must have some.

So… Wayne got a pass again, and can woodenly try his hand (no other part of his body is really involved in his dancing) at whatever dance is next. Continue reading

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Fall, and a great blog about Awaiting the Moon!

Gosh, it is such a beautiful day! Autumn is proving to be lovely, this year, though the colour has just started. But the air is crisp, the sky is blue, and I don’t have to cook dinner today. Good enough reason to celebrate, and I have a bottle of Strawberry Zinfandel.

Oh, and BTW, here’s a great blog entry about my first Awaiting book, Awaiting the Moon!!

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I’m at Romancing the Blog!

Just a quick entry… I wasn’t expecting it, but Romancing the Blog used an ‘Open Blog Night’ I wrote!! yay.

Check them out and read my entry, ‘Trend-Hopping’ or ‘Why I write about wolfy men.”

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What is ‘enough’ when it comes to promotion?

It has been a rather intense couple of weeks for me. With Awaiting the Fire coming out on September 4th, I’ve been doing everything I can – like a good little writer – to promote it and make sure it gets a good start. More and more that is the writer’s duty – promote, promote, promote – when once it was merely to write the book to the best of your ability, correct it, revise it and proof it as needed, and then start thinking of the next one. Once the book was out, you hoped for the best and kept working.

Now, though, Continue reading

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Authors & Blogging

May K at Romancing the Blog has an interesting topic today… Why Authors Shouldn’t Blog.

I’ve responded there, because it is a topic I’ve thought a lot about, but I’ll expand here a bit… Continue reading


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Blogged down.

Is it just me? Am I the only one finding reading blogs to be time-consuming, addictive and far too fascinating? It’s second only to Wiki Walking as a serious internet problem, for me, taking too much time out of actual writing. Continue reading

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Writing and Blogging.

I think a lot of writers would agree that finding things to do other than write is just too easy. Since I work at home, this is all too true.

For instance, I could: Continue reading

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