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Awesome Book video!

So, in looking for a YouTube video about the Georgian era to share, I came across this book video of Eloisa James’s book Desperate Duchesses. Love it!

So, since Eloisa just ‘friended me’ on Facebook or MySpace (I have the memory of a backward louse these days) here is her video!

So cool!

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How to make lemonade out of lemons.

Okay, so I’m having way too much fun with a rotten review by Mrs. Giggles. Dodging the literary equivalent of a bushel of rotten tomatoes should not be this much entertainment.

So here’s my take on the review:

“I strongly suggest that you read… Awaiting The Night… be prepared to experience… a boyfriend who howls at the full moon. How sexy is that?

Chalk this one up as “(a) …satisfying payoff”. ”

However… this is what the whole review reads like!

Continue reading


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Mrs. Woolf & the Servants: The Hidden Heart of Domestic Service

Of all stratums of society, that of the female serving class is the least examined. Whether that’s because it is, to a great extent, ‘women’s work’, and women have always suffered from poor representation in the written history of the world—their sphere is considered by many to be unimportant in the vast arena of politics, war, education—or if it’s simply that for much of history illiterate, they could often not tell their own story, doesn’t matter. So much is lost, and for a writer, that’s a terrible pity. Continue reading

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African Queen: the Real Life of the Hottentot Venus

African Queen

African Queen

African Queen: the Real Life of the Hottentot Venus

Saartjie Baartman (Baartmen? – PW and Booklist each spell the name differently, and I don’t have the book in front of me to correctly spell it, so use the spelling I remember) was, for many years, exhibited as a ‘freak’ to Regency society in England. A young woman from the continent known as ‘darkest Africa’, (I can’t find the phrase origin for ‘darkest Africa’ – does anyone know where it came from, or when?) Saartjie was misused, ridiculed, coldly handled as a commodity, but the author does an extremely good job of reconstructing Saartjie’s dignity as a woman who did the best she could in dreadful conditions. Continue reading

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A Flaw In The Blood

Cover - A Flaw In The Blood

A Flaw In The Blood

I read the Stephanie Barron ‘Jane Austen mysteries’, and enjoy them very much. Barron is exceptionally talented at capturing Jane Austen’s voice and replicating it in unlikely situations.

A Flaw in the Blood is something completely different, though, a taut political thriller that just happens to be set against the backdrop of Victorian England. As Prince Albert, the Queen’s consort, lies dying, supposedly of typhoid, an Irish barrister in his forties—a man with whom Victoria has a past entanglement—is summoned to see the Queen.

What happens next begins a chain of events that is both chilling and somehow compellingly believable. Continue reading

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I want one of these!

I just had to share… isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Jane Austen Action Figure

Jane Austen Action Figure

I want one, to go on my desk for writing inspiration.

Also of interest… many of use who love to read and write fiction set in England fantasize about the perfect English village, knowing full well that we have to set our world in a historical period (Regency, Georgian) to make our story believable.

However… it appears that there is still an English village – church, shops, manor house etc., – surviving, and it is called Chettle, in Dorset! Read this article in the Daily Mail!–owned-lord-manor-So-perfect-English-village.html

Cool, how the owners are as committed to the village as the rest of the people who live there!

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I’m baa-aack!

This is a sticky post, one talking about my publishing life… so if you are here to learn about what is current, read on! Continue reading


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Laurie Gold of AAR – Barnes & Noble Star!!!

Hey, all this is too cool

Check out ‘Book Obsessed’, a new Barnes & Noble offering.  It features video interviews of readers, and the very first is Laurie Gold, webmistress extraordinaire of All About Romance, the very best romance review and forum site on the internet.

On a personal note, I think I spotted (woo-hoo) my own very first Regency novel on Laurie’s shelf; Lord St. Claire’s Angel is at 37 seconds.  I think.  Not positive ’cause it’s a little blurry!

So, Click Here and watch the video, shot in Laurie’s Texas home!

Congrats, Laurie!

And check back; they are going to have weekly videos with other book fans of all genres!

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All About Romance Reader Poll

Hey, all,

Just a note to say, for anyone who doesn’t visit them often, AAR has an annual reader poll for romance fiction. It is a great place to let folks know what books YOU enjoyed this last year, and once it is published – or even among the interim results – it’s a great place to find out what books others have enjoyed.

AAR Annual Reader Poll

So… visit! Vote!

Remember, only books published in 2007 are eligible!

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Osmonds on Oprah

Well, the Osmond clan is appearing on Oprah today, and God help her.

Just kidding.

After the week the Osmonds have had, I wish them all peace. Continue reading

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