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Okay, so I have a new favorite show. Have you watched Cupid yet? It airs on ABC Tuesday nights at 10 pm and stars Bobby Cannavale as Cupid and Sarah Paulson as  Dr. Claire McCrae. Now, I thought I remembered a previous incarnation of this show, and it turns out I was right. The original starred Jeremy Piven of Entourage fame.

It is a cute premise; Cupid is sent to earth, banished from Mt. Olympus, and has to make 100 matches without his bow and arrow before he’s allowed back. But is ‘Trevor Pierce’  really Cupid, or just repressing emotional problems? That, of course, is what Dr. McCrae thinks.

But last night’s episode, Live and Let Spy, brought to mind one romance fiction trope I particularly like, but didn’t realize until I saw it last night; the misanthrope who is won by a woman of some naivete, but much character.

I really enjoyed last night’s episode, which featured a burned-out ex-cop PI who finds love with a poor-little-rich-girl with a social conscience. That sounds kind of lame, but it worked!

Give it a try! Good romantic TV shows are few and far between.

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The 1st Ladies’ Detective Agency

I watched this movie on HBOC last night, with Jill Scott in the lead role, and I loved it! For those who don’t know, this is based on the first book in a series about Mma Precious Ramotswe, a Botswanan woman who has opened a detective agency, the very first run by a woman, and thus The 1st Ladies’ Detective Agency. This movie will be followed by a series, each episode one hour in length.

You will experience no shoot ’em ups, nor disgraceful murders, nor fast-paced action. Like the books, the movie is a gentle and wise look at the life of a Botswanan woman who happens to be a detective, because she believes women have  a way of understanding people.

Jill Scott in the title role is wonderful, but Anika Noni Rose as Mma Makutsi is marvelous, too! (Remember Anika from Dreamgirls?)  Sharp and defensive, she is still the kind of woman you’d want as a friend.

It doesn’t hurt that the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful.

See what I mean?

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Taylor Swift on CMA awards show… Georgian period dress?

Deep in the third draft of my WIP, (Lady Anne and the Ghost’s Revenge) I still took time out to watch the CMA (Country Music Association) Awards Wednesday night. I’m not a huge country fan, but enjoy occasional tunes, particularly because country songs are adept at story-telling. Listen to Brad Paisley’s ‘Waitin’ On A Woman’ or Trace Adkins ‘You’re Gonna Miss This’ for those exquisite slices of life that tell a tale.

But the awards show had an interesting bit in it, Taylor Swift singing ‘Love Story’ (no, not that Love Story). But on stage with her were dancers, dressed in reasonable modernized replicas of late Georgian era clothes, sweeping gowns with cutaway sections to show petticoats of contrasting cloth, and men in breeches, velvet jackets and white silk stockings.

And then I looked up on YouTube further, and found her lovely video. Beautiful (not authentic, completely, but lovely nonetheless) costumes. They won’t allow embedding, but here is the url:

How much fun is that? Of course I get the reference, some kind of ‘anytime’ fairytale feel. Lovely, and just thought I’d share!


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Reality TV News Flash – February 2008

All right, so the writer’s strike sucks, especially since Dave and Jay have not been on. I miss Dave’s annual pizza & meatball-topped Christmas tree. But being a writer, I do understand what the strike is about.

However… Continue reading

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Big Surprises of the Week

Big surprises of the week…

1 – Cameron Mathison getting kicked off Dancing With The Stars

2 – The Paris Hilton ‘Drunken Elephants’ story being retracted.

Umm, okay, just kidding. Continue reading

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Osmonds on Oprah

Well, the Osmond clan is appearing on Oprah today, and God help her.

Just kidding.

After the week the Osmonds have had, I wish them all peace. Continue reading

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Dancing With The Stars

As the show winds down toward the finale in four weeks, it’s getting dicey, with the couples having to dance two dances instead of just one, and it really did show some cracks in the veneer of even the strong couples. Continue reading

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Dancing with the Stars

Well! I was genuinely surprised to see Albert Reed go, not because he didn’t deserve to – it was only a matter of time – but because I thought the female fans would keep him around. I didn’t get his ‘allure’, but as he’s a model, I assume he must have some.

So… Wayne got a pass again, and can woodenly try his hand (no other part of his body is really involved in his dancing) at whatever dance is next. Continue reading

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Dancing With The Stars

This week the featured dances are for Latin, the Mambo, and for Ballroom, the Quickstep. In my opinion each dance has one element that is surprisingly harder than anything else: Continue reading

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Dancing With The Stars Results

Well, this time I was right; Josie Maran went home on Dancing With The Stars, and I really felt sorry for the poor kid. She looked so downhearted, and didn’t even take the opportunity to rag on the judges when Tom Bergeron gave her the chance.

What I thought was tacky – besides Dolly Parton’s outfit – was the way Josie’s dance partner tried to give his votes to Cameron Mathison. You cannot bequest your votes after you’re kicked off! It doesn’t work that way!

Tonight: Survivor… but it clashes with Ugly Betty, and Betty is going to win this smackdown.

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