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Snow On Evergreen by Julia Tikhonova

Overnight my city has been blanketed in snow, and it’s really pretty. Continue reading


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Osmonds on Oprah

Well, the Osmond clan is appearing on Oprah today, and God help her.

Just kidding.

After the week the Osmonds have had, I wish them all peace. Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap-Up

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately… a lot of thinking, a lot of writing, a lot of everything. Sometimes life is overwhelming in all of the demands, distractions, duties. And yet I’m lucky to be so busy; my family is healthy, and so am I, I love what I do, and I have people around me who care for me. I’m a fortunate person, and I never forget that.

Some of that ‘thinking’ I alluded to has been about writing. Professional writers sometimes get Continue reading

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Thanksgiving and sticky ideas.

What a week!

Monday (October 8th) was Canadian Thanksgiving, and it was the weirdest. Get this: it was the hottest day so far this year (or seemed like it), so in order to bake the turkey (and squash and apple crisp) we had to have the air conditioner on! How strange. It felt like my ‘carbon footprint’ was as big as Sasquatch’s.

Weird. But now the temperature has cooled right down and feels very very ‘fallish’.

The rest of this week has seen me working on proposals.

I get ideas all the time, and probably have a dozen book ideas in various stages of development. When I get an idea for a novel, I start the process by opening a new file and writing whatever I feel like. I usually close it down, then, and see if it’s ‘sticky’. Continue reading

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It’s Friday, and I’ve spent another week writing and doing promotion, and next week I’ll have a nice tidbit to tell you all, about a website that will be making my September release ‘Awaiting the Fire‘ their pick of the day soon. Yay! Also, I am going to be revamping and extending the deadline for the contest I have listed here for that very reason.

So to wrap up the week, I thought I’d just talk a bit about something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Continue reading

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Fall is here… almost.

I can’t imagine living anywhere that didn’t have four distinct seasons. Winter is lovely, and a period of rest for nature; I get a LOT of writing done in winter. Spring always adds a zip to my step; gardening is exciting and exhausting, the air is fresh, and I make all kind of plans… some of which never come to fruition. Summer is the season of good times and friends, hanging out, parties and swimming and sunshine.

But I think I love autumn best. Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Hello, all! I thought that I would try, on Fridays, to tie up any and/or all news, notes or other things of interest that have happened in my world, or the world of publishing/romance at large. Continue reading

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