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Taylor Swift on CMA awards show… Georgian period dress?

Deep in the third draft of my WIP, (Lady Anne and the Ghost’s Revenge) I still took time out to watch the CMA (Country Music Association) Awards Wednesday night. I’m not a huge country fan, but enjoy occasional tunes, particularly because country songs are adept at story-telling. Listen to Brad Paisley’s ‘Waitin’ On A Woman’ or Trace Adkins ‘You’re Gonna Miss This’ for those exquisite slices of life that tell a tale.

But the awards show had an interesting bit in it, Taylor Swift singing ‘Love Story’ (no, not that Love Story). But on stage with her were dancers, dressed in reasonable modernized replicas of late Georgian era clothes, sweeping gowns with cutaway sections to show petticoats of contrasting cloth, and men in breeches, velvet jackets and white silk stockings.

And then I looked up on YouTube further, and found her lovely video. Beautiful (not authentic, completely, but lovely nonetheless) costumes. They won’t allow embedding, but here is the url:


How much fun is that? Of course I get the reference, some kind of ‘anytime’ fairytale feel. Lovely, and just thought I’d share!



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